Veeam 11 Error When Editing Backup Job After Upgrade to ESXi Host

After upgrading the ESXi 7.0 host (Update 3), I was receiving the following error in Veeam Backup and Replication 11  ( when trying to edit an existing Backup Job:

Host with id ‘a-b-c-d-e’ was not found

The solution was to modify the Veeam database for a guest VM to point to the correct host ID.

  1. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to the dbo.BObjects table
    Databases -> VeeamBackup -> Tables -> dbo.BObjects
  2. Right click and Edit Top 200 Rows
  3. Locate the id from the error message in the host_id column
  4. Replace it with the correct host_id (with dashes).  Note – you can get a list of all host IDs by using PowerShell in a Veeam B&R console session with the command Get-VBRServer.  If needed you can also crosscheck the guest VM by matching the object_id column in the database with the Vmid of the VM on the host.
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