Openmediavault GRUB failed to install, unable to identify a filesystem

When performing a manual apt-get upgrade command from the OMV CLI, I ran into this error when it tried to upgrade the grub-pc package.

grub-install: error: unable to identify a filesystem in hostdisk//dev/sdx; safety check can’t be performed.

where x is a device letter (e.g., sda, sdg, etc.)

The solution is pretty simple.

When presented with the Package configuration screen for grub-pc, there is the error:

GRUB failed to install to the following devices:


Do you want to continue anyway? If you do, your computer may not start up properly.

Writing GRUB to boot device failed – continue?

  1. Choose the option for No.
  2. Then find the correct boot device in the list and select it.  Double check that no other devices are selected.
  3. Continue with the install
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