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FreeNAS 9 Fails to Install on ESXI 6.5 Guest

During the install of FreeNAS, the process may hang with the following errors: UNMAP failed, disabling BIO_DELETE UNMAP. CDB … CAM status: SCSI Status Error SCSI status: Check Condition SCSI sense: ILLEGAL REQUEST … (Invalid field in parameter list) Command … Continue reading

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ESXi 6.5 Host Crash then Guest Fails to Power On

I ran into a situation where the host had crashed because of a driver problem (vmw_ahci). After changing the driver and rebooting the host, one of the guest VMs then failed to power on with the following errors: File system … Continue reading

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Poor Performance in ESXi 6.5 with a JetWay JNF9G-QM77 Motherboard

Upgrading from ESXi 5.5 to 6.5, performance of the host was relatively poor on a JetWay JNF9G-QM77. Guests were extremely sluggish. There were also several errorsĀ  tracked in the various logs related to the boot drive and the datastore associated … Continue reading

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ESXi 6.5 fails to Discover or Connect to a Synology iSCSI Target with CHAP Authentication

If you are having trouble getting ESXi to discover a Synology iSCSI target with CHAP authentication, check your vobd log for errors that may look similar to the below: [iscsiCorrelator]: [vob.iscsi.discovery.login.error] discovery failure on vmhba64 to x.x.x.x because the target … Continue reading

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