Macbook Error: The Installer information on the recovery server is damaged.

I was attempting to wipe and reinstall MacOS X on an older Intel based Macbook by following this guide:

To begin this process, the directions have you press and hold Command-R.

The Disk Utility to wipe the computer was successful. However upon trying the next step to Reinstall macOS (in this case ___), it would result in the following error.

The Installer information on the recovery server is damaged.

Regardless of how many times I repeated the reinstall, it would always result in this error.

The root cause is due to the age of the laptop.  Internet Recovery was attempting to install a version of macOS that was originally shipped with the computer but no longer existed on Apple servers.

Depending on the age of the computer, the solution may be found using this guide:

What worked for me was the second option:

Option-Command-R: Start up from macOS Recovery over the internet. Use this key combination to reinstall macOS and upgrade to the latest version of macOS that’s compatible with your Mac.

This presented me with the option to Reinstall macOS Ventura, which was still available on Apple servers.


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