Set a Quota for Time Machine with SMB on OMV 5.6

This details an OpenMediaVault configuration where an SMB share was created and Time Machine support was enabled for it.  There was a need to limit the size of the Time Machine backups so that it does not consume all available space, and to do that you use the filesystem quotas:

  1. In OpenMediaVault navigate to Storage->File Systems
  2. Select the device that has the Time Machine shared folder
  3. Click the Quota button at the top. 
  4. Note – without any quotas set, Used Capacity for users will show zero even if data is already there.
  5. Set a quota value for the user associated with Time Machine.
  6. Click the grey save button
  7. Click the blue save button
  8. Apply changes
  9. If you click the Quota button again, you can verify that Used Capacity is populating for that user (if data is already in the shared folder).
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