Bind iSCSI to a Single Network Card on OpenMediaVault

If you have multiple network cards for OMV (such as using one for a dedicated storage network), you may be looking to force OMV to assign all iSCSI traffic to one network card. A word of caution – if you are using the openmediavault-iscsitarget plugin, then following these steps may break the web interface for this plugin when upgrading or removing the plugin, since OMV will complain about this file having been modified.  It is possible to run iscsitarget without the plugin (which is recommended if you are looking to set up a filetypeio configuration), and I cover how to do that in another post.

To bind all iSCSI traffic (IET) to a single network card:

  1. Access the console
  2. Edit the configuration file for iscsitarget:
    nano /etc/default/iscsitarget
  3. Find the options line:
    and change it to contain your IP address as follows (NOTE: you must use a double dash):
    ISCSITARGET_OPTIONS=”–address x.x.x.x″
    where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the network card in OMV corresponding to your dedicated storage network.
  4. Restart iscsitarget
    /etc/init.d/iscsitarget restart
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