Poor Performance in ESXi 6.5 with a JetWay JNF9G-QM77 Motherboard

Upgrading from ESXi 5.5 to 6.5, performance of the host was relatively poor on a JetWay JNF9G-QM77. Guests were extremely sluggish.

There were also several errors  tracked in the various logs related to the boot drive and the datastore associated with the boot drive.

In the vobd log:

In the vmkwarning log:

In the vmauthd log:

The solution was to disable the new AHCI driver of ESXi 6.5 (vmw_ahci). From the ESXi console issue the following command:

Then after a reboot ESXi should be using the sataahci driver. You can confirm this by checking the list of storage adapters for the host, looking for one titled Panther Point AHCI Controller.
After this driver swap, performance of the host should be restored.