Unable to Delete Single Shadow Copy Restore Point with Error: Invalid option value.

I was looking to delete a specific restore point on a Windows 10 machine using the command line.  There are several guides available out on the web. For example:



Also the ofifical Microsoft guide:


You can also reference the built in help for vssadmin using the command line (e.g, type vssadmin delete shadows)

Delete Shadows /For=ForVolumeSpec [/Oldest] [/Quiet]
Delete Shadows /Shadow=ShadowId [/Quiet]
Delete Shadows /All
– For the given ForVolumeSpec deletes all matching shadow copies.
If /Oldest is given, the oldest shadow copy on the volume is deleted
If /All is given, then all shadow copies on all volumes that can be deleted will be deleted. If /Shadow=ShadowId is given, the shadow copy with that Shadow Copy ID will be deleted. Only shadow copies that have the ClientAccessible type can be deleted.
– The Shadow Copy ID can be obtained by using the List Shadows command. When entering a Shadow Copy ID, it must be in the following format:
where the X’s are hexadecimal characters. This ID can be obtained
through the List Shadows command.

Example Usage: vssadmin Delete Shadows /For=C: /Oldest

I was using the /Shadow=ShadowId option, but always received the error:

vssadmin delete shadows /shadow={aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee}

Error: Invalid option value.

What finally solved it for me was to NOT use PowerShell.  Using the identical command in Command Prompt was successful and you should be presented with:

Do you really want to delete 1 shadow copies (Y/N): [N]?

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