Move Google Chrome Session From One Computer to Another

These are the quick and dirty steps I used to perform a complete migration of Chrome from one system to another. It will transfer bookmarks, open tabs and all history. In my experience Settings had to be reconfigured and Chrome Extensions reinstalled.

Based on the guide provided at the below site:

  1. Install Chrome on both machines
  2. Close Chrome on both machines. Check task manager for any chrome.exe processes that may not have shutdown properly.
  3. Export this registry key on source machine:
  4. On destination machine, rename the same registry key to: PreferenceMACs-bak using Registry Editor.
  5. On source machine, copy/zip the User Data folder:
    C:\Users\Grant.Kniefel\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  6. On destination machine, rename the same folder to: User Data-bak
  7. Copy/extract the User Data folder from source machine to destination machine at the same location
  8. On the destination computer, import the registry key that was exported from the source machine.
  9. Test Chrome on the destination machine
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