Supermicro CSE-836 Chassis PWM 80mm Fan Swap

Upgraded a Supermicro CSE-836 from 3 pin fans to 4 pin PWM fans. Here is the before and after matrix of part numbers:

Middle Fans (Qty 3) FAN-0070L
San Ace 80 9G0812G103
Rear Exhaust Fans (Qty 2) FAN-0062L
San Ace 80 109p0812c2041
Middle Fans (Qty 3) FAN-0094L4
San Ace 80 9G0812P1G09
Rear Exhaust Fans (Qty 2) FAN-0062L4
San Ace 80 109P0812P2C031
Hot swap cables 4 pin to 4 pin (Qty 5) CBL-0088L

Note: the above matrix was for replacements in kind. The latest CSE-836 has these fans:
Middle: FAN-0126L4 (Qty 3)
Rear: FAN-0125L4 (Qty 2)

Note: an alternative 4 pin hot swap cable is CBL-0216L

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