BIOS Update for Old Supermicro X7 Based Motherboards

You might find yourself in a situation where you have an old motherboard based on a phoenixBIOS chip, and you desire to update the BIOS to the latest version.

In this example, I had a Supermicro X7DWE-O.  The motherboard is quite old and BIOS downloads are no longer available. Visiting the Supermicro website below, you are greeted with a message:  The product is archived and no longer in production. Please go to our BIOS List to locate your product BIOS/BMC Firmware/Bundled Software.

I was able to acquire the BIOS .bin / .rom file (i.e., X7DWE0.B19). However, after entering the BIOS setup on the motherboard I found it had no built in update system.  I also had no DOS flash utility for Phoenix BIOS.

I came across several Supermicro FAQs for motherboards such X7DA8, X7DWA, X7QC3, X7SBE and X7SB4 that mentioned a Phoenix BIOS and related functions:

The steps I used to flash the BIOS:

  1. Create a USB bootable DOS disk (I prefer FreeDOS) using Rufus
  2. Download the phflash utility
  3. From that download, find and copy phflash16.exe to the bootable disk
  4. Use the disk to boot into DOS
  5. To update the BIOS, use the command phflash16.exe <filename>. For example:
    phflash16.exe X7DWE0.B19
  6. Proceed with the directions shown to flash.


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